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Saturday, April 08, 2017
It's as if time stopped (Margaret Kimberley)

Liberal: Wow, this is just terrible news Leftist: Yeah.. Because you're anti-war? Liberal: No, because Hillary should be doing the bombing
It's very strange that there are so many liberals for whom Trump was the new Hitler only up until the moment he actually started killing.
Impending Clash Between U.S. and Russia Ominous title but Mike Whitney is on the money.
Margaret Kimberley Retweeted CounterPunch
Great work by . A worthwhile read.
Margaret Kimberley added,
The Obama regime was a Potemkin village but Trump is Potemkin.
Pink pussy hat folks, Trump may start WWIII. Will you march again? But democrats are on board with war. You'll be marching against them too.
"Trump is a fascist! Impeach him! Oh wait, he risks WWIII? A great leader. Not fascist at all. That whole Putin thing? Forget I said that."
New on : On Barbados, the First Black Slave Society by Sir Hilary Beckles

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