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Saturday, April 08, 2017
Stop the wars. Take our money back from the 1% (Ajamu Baraka)

Had a great time at New Jersey Green Party convention. Clear politics and serious people. Thanks for inviting me.
Stop the wars. Take our money back from the 1% let them and their children fight wars to maintain their privilege.
Its interesting. Many condemned Trump for his dictatorial style. But now they are silent on his arbitrary war making.
Guess who are raising constitutional and political questions regarding U.S. attack on Syria? Democrats? No the far right. Demos are sad.
Where did U.S. right to be the world's policemen come from? Answer: the arrogant, white supremacist idea that U.S. is the exceptional nation
Many thought Trump would push an infrastructure bill to build public support. But trump understands the American people and choose war. USA!
Two days after 50th anniversary of King's anti war speech war drums are beating again. U.S. has no moral right to wage war on Syria.
We have launched this 21st right moment in history.

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